W. Blair Geho, MD, PhD, is SDG's founding President and Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for guiding the development of the Company's technology platform. A recognized expert in the fields of drug development and nanotechnology-based delivery systems, Dr. Geho is the inventor or co-inventor of SDG&'s platform technologies, including SDG's most advanced clinical product, the HDV system for hepatic drug delivery. After completing his MD and PhD degrees at Case Western Reserve University, he joined the University's faculty in the departments of both Surgery and Pharmacology. After leaving Case, he became the Head of Pharmaceutical Research at the Procter & Gamble Company, where he led the development of two of P&G&'s leading pharma products, Didronel and Osteoscan. Dr. Geho's research has been published in many of the world's leading peer-reviewed journals, including Diabetes and the New England Journal of Medicine.

Robert Geho is SDG's Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for the Company's business operations. He has worked in the life sciences field for seventeen years, during which time he has been a key participant in the funding and development of nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems. As a co-founder of multiple bio-pharmaceutical companies, Bob has successfully raised multiple rounds of various types of venture, high net worth, and corporate investments for technologies ranging from hepatic targeted insulin and interferon to nanotechnologies for skin and hair care applications. He received his MBA from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.

John Lau is SDG's Head of Chemistry, and in this role he is an inventor and co-inventor of many of SDG's delivery technologies. Having worked on nanotechnology-based delivery systems for more than thirty years, John is a recognized innovator in liposome and bio-nano chemistries. He began his career in industry with the Procter & Gamble Company, where he worked closely with Blair Geho on early stage liposome delivery systems.

Kristina Szentkiralyi has served as an analytical chemist for SDG since October 2007. After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Biology from John Carroll University, she worked as a Quality Control chemist for Ben Venue Laboratories. At Ben Venue, Kristina supported the complete testing of production line samples, including the analysis of raw materials used in compounding and in-process, final product, and stability samples